Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've spied some snowdrops

I had to change the header picture of the blog. Yesterday I went out into the brilliant late winter (dare I say early spring?) sunshine and it felt so much more like summer was coming fast. The sky, as you can see, was brilliant. Our new solar panels were cranking! Take a look at this one, it's huge: 

I did knit busily over the break last week, but only finished the back of the vest. So it's on to parts 2 and 3 shortly, and I'm spinning up some more yarn for them practically as we speak. Pictures coming soon! 
In my blog browsing, I came across a real gem yesterday. If you love dyeing with plants, you've probably heard of Jenny Dean, or read her book, Wild Colour, or read something that was inspired by her excellent work. Im any case, apparently she's very up to the times and even has a blog with lots of good advice and stories about dyeing and collecting dye plants around her home in Sussex. 

Here are a few more pictures for you. More on the knitty-gritty coming shortly! 

Snow drops... at mum's. Alas, not here ––though there are a few
poking their little heads out along the wall of the house,
where it's nice and warm. 

Brilliant sunshine and snow on evergreens. 

The field in the sun. 


Have a sunny weekend!

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